Reactive Phoenix apps with the TAPE stack

Tailwind, Alpine.js, Phoenix, and Elixir. A full-stack development solution.

TAPE Components

A new way to build rich, reactive web apps.

Learn Elixir, style it easily with Tailwind, and write Phoenix LiveView components and a dash of Alpine.js, and you've got a full-stack reactive and interactive platform for creation.

  • Tailwind CSS Icon
    Tailwind CSS

    With Tailwind's utility classes, you're writing custom CSS without the CSS. Build your own customized designs with the ease of Bootstrap and the flexibility of handwritten CSS.

  • Alpine.js Icon

    Alpine.js is a tiny, declarative JavaScript framework that allows you to create simple interactive components on the page. Perfectly paired with Elixir, and by the same creator.

  • Phoenix Framework Icon
    Phoenix Framework

    Phoenix view components, delivered seamlessly to your users via JavaScript that you don't have to write. Robust, mature, powerful, and flexible, with an incredible community, Phoenix is one of the leading full-stack web frameworks.

  • Elixir Programming Language Icon

    A fully functional programming language with ruby-inspired syntax. Leveraging the famous Erlang VM and OTP (Open Telecom Platform) ecosystem for incredibly performant, robust, concurrent and distributed servers. Supporting millions of requests per server, soft realtime features, robust failover and more.

Want to get started quickly with the TAPE stack?

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